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Agile.Live Holds ‘Scrum Team Maturity Model’ Webinar

On January 12, the first webinar in 2021 was held by Agile.Live, as part of the Scrum Smart Professional mini-course series. Slava Moskalenko, coach and Founder of Agile.Live, introduced Scrum Team Maturity Model to 45 participants.

The training aimed at preparing all the participants for being agents of change in their organizations. To make this happen, the following questions had to be answered:

  • What are we implementing? The answer is important because in practice, what we implement does not always correspond to the original intention.
  • How do we implement it? Without a clear explanation of the tools necessary for change, people wouldn’t probably “buy” the idea and most likely sabotage the work.
  • Why are we implementing it? A change agent who does not believe in what he does, who has little motivation or can’t answer the question “Why am I doing this?” would not succeed much.

The participants learned about the importance of maturity models for implementing changes in their organizations. In group work, they were able to become familiar with and practiced the tools for change in individual cases. In particular, the Growth Model and Bright Spots were presented.

The second webinar of the Scrum Smart Professional series of mini-courses will be held on January 19, 2021, to introduce Tools for Promoting the Product Owner Role.

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