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Many scrum teams came to a standstill, unaware that they are riding on one of the four wheels while moving forward requires a synergistic action of all four.

The lack of proper communication with customer and the developers’ passive expectations of more initiative from the business to provide the team with everything they need creates costly problems for both parties.

Scaling teams often pop up in executive’s plans when they have new opportunities to deliver a new product on the market faster than competitors.

Attempts to digitalize organizations in parallel with introducing modern agile frameworks such as Scrum or SAFe create some difficulties.

To successfully launch Scrum, you need to focus on two fundamentally essential components: a product goal and cross-functional team(s) to achieve it.

“Can we do Scrum without the Scrum Master?” – this question did NOT surprise me the last time when I met leaders in one big enterprise. I still hear variations of this question over and over again.

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