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Corporate trainings

Professional Scrum Foundations (PSF)

Over the 2 days, students experience Professional Scrum: learning the framework and gaining insights into overcoming complexity, with team-based collaboration and self-organization as essential elements in mastering Scrum. The course also provides the foundation of knowledge needed for role-focused training for Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Developers, and Leaders within the organization.

Professional Scrum Master (PSM)

Over the 2 days, students will see why PSM is the cutting-edge course for effective Scrum Masters and for anyone coaching a team toward increased efficiency and effectiveness. The course includes advanced thinking for servant-leadership and behavioral shifts. Throughout the course, students are challenged to think in terms of the Scrum principles to better understand what to do when returning to the workplace.

Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO)

PSPO is a 2-day course that focuses on all of these areas to teach students how to maximize the value of products and systems. PSPO is the cutting-edge course for Product Owners, Agile product managers and anyone responsible for a product’s success in the market. In this course, students will develop and solidify their knowledge of being a Product Owner through instruction and team-based exercises.

Kick-start a Scrum Teams

Coaching teams to work standards for Scrum Masters and Product Owners. Search within the team for the appropriate employees to fulfill these roles. Training and implementation of online tools for creating Scrum artifacts.

Company Divisions

Employee training for the implementation of special frameworks, Agile methodological approaches that will transform structural units.

Top Management

Preparing company leaders for Agile transformation, restructuring the mindset, corporate culture and work practices.

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