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Who our clients?

Small business / Startups

Aspiring entrepreneurs who need methodological assistance in organizing the work of a Scrum team and setting agile processes to launch their unique products and services.

Medium-sized enterprises

Companies from IT, logistics, education, commercial services, and other business domains wanting to develop competent Scrum teams where trained scrum masters and product owners can solve real customer problems and achieve business goals.

Big business

Major players from various business lines (banking, insurance, air carriers, investment companies, industry, etc.) need to accelerate the digitalization of business processes, innovation, existing products, and services.

What do we do?


We have a unique methodology of high-quality agile assessments, which helps identify hidden weaknesses and potential for the company’s efficiency. Our analysis methods find the most appropriate tools and approaches and adapt them to each client’s context.

The assessment can take training, interactive workshops, strategic planning, agile and scrum\kanban simulations. This allows you to see all the benefits of agile and scrum for the organization.

Scrum Adoption

We increase the value of the developed services and products. Thanks to an exclusive system of metrics, stakeholders and teams can evaluate the effectiveness of changes:

  • accelerating the launch of new products
  • improving user experience (customer expectation)
  • increase in financial performance, etc

We develop materials for each client, thanks to which companies can evaluate the quality of work on Scrum. We prepare teams for the organization, including scrum masters and product owners.

Agile Transformation

We change the way of thinking, work culture of the companies, develop organizational agility, which would allow you to:

  • Quickly launch new products on the market
  • Delegate management tasks to form autonomous and self-organized teams
  • Timely adjust the company’s strategy depending on the changing market conditions

We accelerate the digitalization of business processes by contextualized agile frameworks aligned with the company goals while assisting and deeply involving in the re-organization of the company by the agile best practices.

What are the business benefits?

Competent Teams

Sustainable business as the maximum number of management tasks is delegated at the team level, autonomous and self-organized. This allows companies to efficiently solve their hurdles and timely remove roadblocks.

Valuable Products

As a result of our work (implementation of an iterative-incremental approach), the developed product’s functionality will meet the end user’s expectations and requests, which will lead to increased sales.

Change Management

The business gains the ability to quickly change its development strategy, plans, and budgets depending on market conditions. Launch new initiatives and create innovations in a minimum amount of time. Agile approaches make it inexpensive and easy for organizations to implement new business processes.

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