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The best way to help Ukraine

Doing business with Ukraine is one of the best ways to really help while considering the following:

  1. People tend to “help” other people with something they could actually see — a used T-shirt, an old hat, a red plastic spoon, or even more useful items — a piece of soap, new socks, etc. Sometimes they are needed, sometimes not.
  2. Financial aid really helps. Yet not many people are willing to give away their money. Some think, their contribution is so small that they prefer not giving anything at all. Besides, finances require accountability, reports, and legal regulation.
  3. Professionals with a business mindset are often more specific: “What exactly do you need in the next two weeks?” or “How much does it cost?” and provide relevant help.

❓ Still, the question is — is there a better way to support Ukraine, besides humanitarian aid?

My answer is yes — do business with Ukraine. That is:

  1. Buy Ukrainian products.
  2. Buy Ukrainian services.
  3. Invest in Ukraine.

By supporting UA business, you:

👉 Save many lives, because Ukrainian companies support its army that defends the people.

👉 Strengthen the UA economy, because its export of goods and services stabilizes the national currency.

👉 Save families from poverty, because it is the UA businesses that pay salaries.

Due to the Russian war crimes, nearly four million Ukrainians had to escape to 🌍 Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, and other countries. The majority had lost their sources of income, while the standards of living remain higher abroad.

🚌 Besides, more than 5 million people have been displaced within Ukraine, losing their jobs, too.

However, Ukraine is still one of the leading 💻 IT hubs in Europe. Due to the Internet and digital technologies, the IT industry does not depend on geography.

Russians may destroy a theatre in Mariupol, but they cannot bomb cyber security or innovative digital solutions developed by the Ukrainians.

👍 It means that Ukrainian IT professionals HAVE ALL THE CAPACITY to provide for their family members no matter where they are located.

Therefore, besides sending a box of charitable aid, have you considered finding a Ukrainian contractor for your IT/digital project? Signing a contract with at least one Ukrainian company? Hiring a Ukrainian professional? Just imagine the positive impact you would make by doing business with Ukraine at this time?

📈 Also, you would probably be surprised by the benefits you will get from working with the Ukrainian IT sector. Most likely, you will spend less, achieve more, and deliver your product to market faster!

In some of my next blog posts, I will introduce a couple of IT companies I am consulting now. However, you don’t have to wait — contact me directly at 📩 oles.dmytrenko@agilve.live — as soon as you want to make the difference now.

Author: Oles Dmytrenko


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