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Product Days 2022

On November 29 – December 1, SoftServe invites you to attend Product Days 2022 — the conference for product managers and for people interested in the matter. We will talk simply about complex matters like product discovery and economics.

It’s the first time SoftServe go with their internal product conference outside their 13k-people enterprise, and SoftServe wants to share with you the latest trends in the product management world.    

The event aims to support Ukraine and raise donations and buy a fully equipped ambulance, so your conference ticket is a donation to the Open Eyes Charity Fund

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During these three days, we will discuss:    

·        Product discovery    

·        MVP creation    

·        User interviews and hypothesizes validation    

·        Behavioral economics in product management    

·        Big data challenges in product management    

·        Trends and expectations for the industry in 2023    

·        B2B partnerships    

·        Product pivoting during the war     

·        Product-led growth strategies 

Why does SoftServe do that?  

– SoftServe wants to showcase the power of the product management community. 

– Because knowledge sharing is a part of SoftServe’s DNA. 

– SoftServe care. Today Ukrainians need more and more support from each of us. 

Product Days 2022 speakers are skillful and experienced product leaders:

Shyvee Shi, Product Manager at LinkedIn;

Anna Sherementieva, R&D Product Manager at SoftServe;

Kristina Bihus, Product Management Team Lead at SoftServe;

Paweł Huryn, Product Owner at Regiondo & Editorial at Serious Scrum;

Mykola Slobodian, Senior Product Manager at SoftServe;

Oleg Svirsky, Senior Product manager at Vimeo; Oleksandr Akulenko, CPO at Prozorro.Sale;

Pamela Schure, Senior Consultant at LeadingAgile, ex-Director Products & Services 280 Group, co-author of “Product Management for Dummies”;

Laura Morgan, Product Consultant, Coach, ex Product Manager at The Economist;

Michael Hänni, MBA, Product Leader and Agilist with opportunity sense and product sense at Viseca Payment Services SA;

Reto Blum, Choice Architect & Behavioral Economist, Co-Founder of Human Decision Design Ltd;

Janna Bastow, Inventor of the Now/Next/Later roadmap and is co-founder and CEO of ProdPad. 

Agile.Live became the media sponsor of the event.

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