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Why Non-IT Companies Need Internal IT Development

In his video, Serhiy Prokhorenko shares how internal IT development helps modern companies to become independent from external vendors in terms of expertise, and how it accelerates product release to the market.

The common problem is that many companies do not understand the connection between digitalization and internal IT development (nurturing their own internal expertise.) However, any company that develops new digital products or services, plans to do so, or seeks to gain competitive advantages in the market, needs internal IT integration.

Based on personal SAFe expertise and extensive experience, the co-founder of Agile.Live Sergey Prokhorenko explains how modern-day companies can achieve their IT goals internally and succeed in the market. He answers the following questions:

  • What determinants are necessary for a successful digitalization in the company?
  • How to organize internal IT development correctly?
  • How to optimize budget on internal IT development?
  • How faster will internal IT implementation help the company to release the product to the market, with the help of Agile?


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