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Is Your Company Ready for Agile Transformation?

Slava Moskalenko’s video blog says that Agile transformation is not about setting up processes or implementing Scrum, but about changing the entire organization and, above all, its management.

If a company wants to implement Agile but does not want to change the paradigm and philosophy of thinking — it is not ready for Agile transformation.

In this video blog, the co-founder of Agile.Live Slava Moskalenko will talk about two interesting cases. Using the Agile approach, the first company has developed a solution to accelerate insurance payment operations for medical cause. On the other hand, the second one made an attempt to “copy-paste” their experience, sticking to the traditional hierarchical management model, and failed to launch a similar product.

You will learn how to:

  • prepare your company for Agile transformation;
  • use the Scrum simulator to demonstrate the benefits of the Agile approach to top executives;
  • overcome the fear of change;
  • and… as a bonus: why Kodak died.


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